Free, Open Source Silent Auctions

BidHub was hastily built by HubSpot after finding out that this sort of thing doesn't already exist. Not for free, anyway.
So now it does. Give it a shot!


Cost: zero dollars.

BidHub was designed for HubSpot's charity auction, and we're hoping you'll use it for yours too! It shouldn't cost money to raise money for charity.


Browse and Search

Keep up on items you've bid on, shine a light on underappreciated items with no bids, and search for words or specific donors.



Keep an Eye on Everything

Contact your winners after the event. Compulsively refresh during the event to see the current totals.

Time: like an hour or two.

Get a developer to help you out, and setting up BidHub shouldn't take more than a few hours. You'll be bidding trillions of dollars on test objects in no time.


Push Notifications

Know as soon as someone has bested your bid. Bid higher than your mental limit "because it's for charity".



Customize It

Replace our graphics with yours and you could probably pretend you wrote it all yourself.


Get Started

For an overview of the whole project followed by instructions:
Building an Auction App in a Weekend (HubSpot Development Blog)

If you don't care and just want to see some code:
iOS app - almost certainly required
Android app - probably required
Web admin panel - optional